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Eyeglass Trays

Ceramic eyeglass storage trays or holders are designed to help you care for your personal vision eye glasses and keep them handy and safe while you aren't wearing them. Organizing and caring for eyeglass accessories is made easy with storage trays that are both decorative and functional.  Choose sleek and stylish designs in an assortment of colors and finishes.  Each tray has a one-inch tall rim, providing more protection than an open tray. 

Keep a tray on your desk at the office or work area at home, next to a favorite chair, on a bed side nightstand, on the bath vanity, in a craft room or workshop area or wherever you may need to keep a pair of personal eyeglasses. 

All eyeglass trays are made of ceramic pottery that is slip cast in my studio and kiln fired.  All ceramic materials used to create these trays are from the USA.  Made in the USA.

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